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Cotons of Adam's Eden

Cotons of Adam's Eden is not really a "kennel",  since our Registered Coton de Tulear dogs and puppies are truly members of our family. We are a very small Coton de Tulear breeder that only produces the best quality AKC-FSS/UKC/ARBA Registered Cotons possible. We breed for calm temperaments, health, beauty and socialization first and foremost. All of our Cotons are health checked and CERF certified, have Championship pedigrees and come with a money-back guarantee. Our Coton dogs and Coton puppies are a part of the family and are raised in our home...born in our living room. Our children and granchildren give our Cotons lots of love and attention so they get plenty of interaction before they go to their forever homes.

A passion for dog breeding began when we owned and bred our first Great Pyrenese 17 years ago. After our amazing Pyrenese dogs passed away we reseached different breeds in hopes of finding something that would be compatible with our family and life-style. We soon "discovered" the Coton de Tulear and knew we found the perfect match after seeing photos of these adorable Coton dogs and reading many articles that referred to them as
"wonderful, lively and intelligent with a personality that makes them ideal for any type of home or family situation. They are a great dog to interact with children or the elderly and can adjust to the amount of exercise that the home can provide. They are also very easy to train, very willing to please and enjoy being with their families as much as possible..despite its fluffy and somewhat toy-like appearance it is a very sturdy, small breed that loves to play fetch and romp around with the family."

We weren't disappointed! Our infatuation with the white, furry, "gentle giants" called the Great Pyrenese turned into a zeal and excitement for a small, white ,fluffy, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, clown-of-a dog called the Coton de Tulear.

After aquiring our  Coton de Tulear, Reno, we knew we wanted to breed this "perfect" little companion dog so others could experience the same joy we did by owning one. Cotons are everything we have read about and so much more.  Our Cotons are content to lay on our laps and do nothing but are the first to find the frisbee when we happen to mention that it's play time. They love to go for car rides, boat rides, tractor rides and even horse rides.
Cotons of Adam's Eden is located in Plainwell, Michigan, which is in the southwest corner of the state. We fell in love with Cotons and knew we were meant to share them with the world. When you choose a Coton from Cotons of Adam's Eden you will not be disappointed. We are careful to health test our adults and give them only the best food and exercise. We put extreme emphasis on socializing our puppies so that they are healthy, happy and well adjusted for their new families.

Our Family

Meet our family. We have four daughters and two amazing Son-In-Loves, along with four beautiful grand children (with another on the way!). God continually blesses our family and we are forever grateful to him for all that he gives. We hope that your experience with Cotons of Adam's Eden will be met with kindness, honesty and integrity. We will go out of our way to help you in what ever way possible, whether it is transportation, health question or simply to gain knowledge about the Coton de Tulear.

God Bless You!

The Adams Family

If you are interested in the pedigrees of our adult dogs, they are available upon request.
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