Cotons of Adam's Eden

Because We Care

Cotons of Adam's Eden has been searching and researching dog food and other products that would best benefit our dogs since 1998. We have tried and experimented with various premium/gourmet brands of dog food that have a high protein/nutrient content and until now, have never found any dog food that we are completely satisfied with. Recently, we were introduced toLIFE'S ABUNDANCE pet products. We were and are so very impressed with these products that we have decided to recommend them to all of our customers and fellow dog lovers who want only the best for their pets.  LIFE'S ABUNDANCE pet foods, and other product have NEVER been recalled and are made with 100% All Natural, human grade food with NO preservatives. These high quality health foods, effective nutritional solutions and supplements, treats with a healthy purpose and luxurious pet care products  are created to beautify and pamper your pup as well as give him the optimal nutrition to live a long and healthy life. Please click this LIFE'S ABUNDANCE tab to be taken to our Life's Abundance Pet Product website so you can see and read for yourself what amazing pet products these are. On this website is a video that tells you about how the dog food (and other pet food) industry was developed and the ingredients that are used to make these commercial pet products. The facts about by-products and other additives in the food our precious pets are consuming will SHOCK you! Click here to watch the video and then click on the picture under which reads "Do you really know what's in your pet's food?"

Our dogs, here at Cotons of Adam's Eden, can be extremely finicky and we have found that they love the taste of LIFE'S ABUNDANCE DRY DOG FOOD and CANNED FOOD they never get tired of it. LIFE'S ABUNDANCE DOG TREATS are also their favorite.  Life's Abundance also carries an entire line of Dog Spa  products as well as Supplements that are all natural and help your dog look and feel great! A HEALTHY START PACK is also available and contains all of the above products at a discounted price. Please click on this HEALTHY START link If you are interested in knowing more please email us at or call us at: 269-720-0605.
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